To the complete solution to producing your Web Site.

Domain registration

To have a Web presence you need your own identity, known as a domain name. We can identify a suitable unused domain name and register it on your behalf.

Web Site hosting

A Web Site must be held on a computer, attached to the Internet, known as a server. We provide the space for Web Sites on fast, reliable servers to give the levels of performance required.

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Web Site design

Your Web Site is like your company brochure, visible  anywhere in the world at any time. In addition, it also provides an email address for your customers to contact you easily.

We can design and produce a complete Web Site which gives that all-important first impression of your company and attracts new business. 


For those wishing to sell products or services via the Internet we can provide an on-line shop environment including secure payment facilities.

More than just the Web

Successlight can address all your IT needs to keep your business running smoothly.

Put yourself in our hands and we'll do the rest.

About Successlight

Incorporated in 1986 as a source of technical support and services to the then new and rapidly expanding micro-computer industry in the UK, Successlight  has been providing essential computing expertise to companies both large and small for over twenty years.


Successlight has been involved with the development of micro-computing since the early days, before the PC made it's debut in our offices and then our homes. At that time the notion of the ordinary man in the street owning several networked computers was pure science fiction!


During the 1990s the personal computer first revolutionised the working methods of large business and then entered into our small business offices and eventually our homes.


In recent years things have continued to change at an ever-increasing rate and the Internet has finally connected us all. The new global community, now open to all,  has revolutionised the way we do business.


Today nearly every business, large or small, can understand the need for a presence on the World Wide Web in order to advertise their products or services.


Successlight has been there from the start, working with evolving PC technology in fields such as: software engineering, database design, management information, communications and custom software development to name a few. We have the expertise to tackle any PC task in an efficient and cost-effective manner for any type of business.